Sunday 30 June 2013

Back from our hols x x

Hiya, we're back from our hols and I have been feeling a little low this week as the holiday was soooo amazing we didn't want to come home! :-) Matt (the hubster) and I spent the 1st week together in Ostuni - the white walled city in Puglia (right down South in Italy by the heal) and then met up with my family who were renting a gorgeous villa for the week in Locorotondo.

The first week is a bit of a happy blur - lots of drinking, dancing, and making new Italian friends :-D The second week is ever so slightly less blurry and gave us the luxury of quality family time. Living so far from home means our meet ups are normally pretty rushed so it was nice to have some down time and just chill together - lots of gorgeous vino and food enjoyed - very happy times :-) So we had the perfect mixture of party city life and chilled family life - can't think of a better holiday combo really! x x 

We've always loved Italy and think we've found the perfect area now so will be heading back there again and again over the years no doubt. The people were so friendly, the food absolutely gorgeous, and the scenery to die for. Gosh I haven't even mentioned the weather yet which was already absolutely amazing in June - we finally managed to get some colour on our bones :-) 

I've put our holiday pics below as promised, Em x x

In the airport on way out - coat on - tan yet to kick in :-)

Ostuni - the beautiful white walled city:

£2.50 for take away pizza (!!) - fresh and made right in front of you - heaven :-D

Told you it got blurry :-) :

Our gorgeous villa below (thanks Mum & Dad)!! :-) x x

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